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Everybody ask about Buddy, is he for sale. Buddy was sold a very long time ago to Kristen Lodge. He has had Buddy many years before he even got married. But as you can see, Buddy had more people added to his and Kristen’s family and he loved them. Buddy was obviously very much in love with the new charge he was given, and the feeling seems mutual. Unfortunately our dogs do not live as long as we would like them too, they were heartbroken to loose him, he was their best friend. He had a great home that loved him and he them. What more can I ever ask for.

Buddy- such a cutie.





Each of these dogs pictured below would be great as neutered pets/companions or as breeding prospects and or competition dogs for any of the venues of performance. If you need more info on any of them or want to come meet them in person, feel free to contact



We are now in Snowflake Arizona, it is gorgeous and a wonderful place to live. However, it has Monsoons all summer which are generally thunderstorms, and I mean loud right at your feet constant lightening strikes that have really rattled some of these dogs. It kills me to do this but they are not happy when the monsoons hit every afternoon, they are terrified, so for their sake, I am putting them on this for sale page in hopes they get homes out of Arizona, possibly back to  CA or somewhere without these storms.

Each Dog here are good dogs with excellent breeding, and have produced fantastic puppies. These dogs may go as pets as each dog is very loving and fun, good characters, temperaments, and of course each dog is beautiful.  If you are interested as breeding dogs we can discuss that as well.

    Reckon vertpedigree

The above dog is Reckon, he is a gorgeous blue merle. He is either the sire or grand sire of almost every female dog I have, or related. Reckon is a character, his personality is very biddable but also comical. He is super athletic and produces athletic dogs. Reckon is in the 19″ range and produces smaller dogs. He is not terrified of the thunder but of course isn’t happy with it. IF I can find him the right good home as either a pet or stud dog, I’ll consider it. He is OFA Good hips, elbows Normal, eyes checked and cleared since he was 7 weeks old by Optho vet, clear on genetic panel, he is carrier for MDR1. Red producer and BET producer.

 dog- Gators pedigree

This is Peppy. She is a sweetheart. Strong personality, biddable, very well bred. She is terrified of these thunderstorms. We never had an issue in CA with the gunshots and thunder there, but its so intense and loud and close here, I hate to see her in this state everyday. She is OFA Good hips, elbows normal, eyes cleared almost yearly from Optho vet and is clear on genetic panel. Yes she is a smiler.

 dog-  dog Marlos pedigree E201124

This is Marlo. She is a gorgeous black tri. She had her first litter this past year, 10 beautiful puppies.  Marlo is OFA Good, hips; Elbows Normal, eyes checked and cleared by Optho eye vet yearly since 7 weeks old, She is super smart, probably smarter than I am. For the most part she is easy going, but she is not sure of little kids and will bark at them, with strangers once she understands its okay and you allow her to decide if she wants to meet them she’ll usually be fine. She is not reserved just likes to size up people first. Not a bad trait to have, really.  She produces all colors and blue eyed tris.


This is Gator. HE is full sister to Peppy. Gator is a lovable boy, he is the original  Energizer bunny as he is moving all the time. Checking fences, keeping lizards and squirrels at bay. He does not like cats! He was started on sheep and was extremely promising with so much natural instinct. I had to stop his training when my mom took ill and was not able to return to it when she was gone. He would be awesome on cattle.  Gator and Reckon do not like each other and have to be kept apart. Gator is dominant and would need to be the only intact male if kept for breeding,  without any other males, he is great! Gator LOVES children, he was raised as a puppy with kids. He is OFA Excellent hips, Elbows Normal, Clear on genetic panel. He loves to go with you and do what you do, as does all the other dogs listed here, its typical Aussie behavior. Again, thunder and gunshots were never an issue on him at our place in CA, we had lots of gunshots in our neighborhood but here it is just too much thunder.  He produces gorgeous puppies, all colors and BET’s. Chewy is his son. Gator is a bi, but does produce the gorgeous dark mohagany copper from his Mistretta breeding.










For new puppies see our puppy page. Next litter due in mid August 2019




PLEASE CONTACT ME @ 951-663-2976 to text or home 951-325-7958 FOR MORE INFORMATION

The prices for our puppies range from $1,200.00 to $1,750.00 at this time. All regular  tri’s or bi’s puppies  are $1200.00, merles blue or red are $1500., The blue eyed tri’s are $1750.00. Breeding rights are $500 more.




Once in a great while we have dogs returned for various reasons from their owners. Though it makes us sad that the dog can’t always stay with their owners that they have grown to love and want to be with, (however sometimes that’s just not the case) we also do not want the dogs to have any issues or be taken to shelters or given to inappropriate homes, where they may come in harms way, so we take them back. We also know in this economy, things have changed drastically for some and sadly, sometimes they have to give up the pets they love to in order to survive and also not to neglect their pets. We will do anything we can to get these dogs safely re-homed into a loving home that’s forever.

We also take in strays/rescues.

RESCUE ADOPTIES: none at this time.



Check the New Puppies page for current and planned litters.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our babies, my contact info is at the bottom of every page. I accept text, calls, and emails.

        *Anthony Coronado Contractor specializes in Horse Barns and Shelters *

                       Check out our Barns below after the horses For Sale

Horses for Sale:

Scroll through Our Horses  WE do not currently have any horses FOR SALE.

     Contact me if you are interested in more info on either of these beautiful dogs/puppies, OR one of our beautiful custom barns.

                                                                      cell 951-663-2976 house 928-536-3643

                            TONY’S HORSE BARNS AND SHELTERS

We custom design and build whatever you need for your animals, (horses, dogs, etc), hay, equipment shelters or barns, or even a muscle car collection.

This is a 24 X 36 which also has a 12′ front porch (semi enclosed) across it for kicking back and enjoying the beautiful view. We also made Transom windows in the raised center aisle so that in the cold the owner Dennis Copp of Big Bear, can close those openings above to keep the warmer air in.

A 36′ X 48′ barn with a separate 12′ X 12′ feed room (inside and outside sliding doors)  and separate 12′ X 12′ tack room with lounging area on one side and 2- 12′ X 24′ stalls on the other. Built for Dennis Washburn in Sage (Hemet). His own style of man cave.


A 36 X 48 Barn, with two 24′ X 12′ open stalls on one side, and 1- 12′ X 12′ stall on the side with the tack/feed room and wash area. Built for Dr. Rachel Reedy in Morongo Valley.


A four stall 24 X 36 barn in Apple Valley, for Michelle Hamilton.

A two stall shed row barn, in Thousand Oaks.

A Hay barn built in Menifee for Chris Siola and Trevor Freeman.


Hay Shelter built for Debbie May in Nuevo.

A 36’X36′ CastleBrook Barn moved and reset up for Elyse Ellington of El Cajon.

This is an 8′ X 16′ Tack and Feed combination  built for Suzanne in Rancho Santa Fe.

This is one of several 24′ X 24′ shelters built for Lori Kingston of Temecula. These shelters are easily converted into 4- 12’X12′ stalls with pipe corral panels, much like a mare motel.

An 18′ X 18′ shelter for Debbie May in Nuevo.

This is a 12′ X 48′ shelter with a 12′ X 12′ tack/feed room (2X6 T&G walls) and 3- 12′ X 12′ stalls using pipe panels for corrals with 2X8 exterior wall.  Built for Sarah Surritt of Vista.

This ten stall shed row will have out runs as well. It was built for Stephan Peters of Del Mar, CA.

This is a 60 L X 40W X 15H Equipment shelter made for Bob Prieto of Clovis, CA.


Custom built Garage for Bill Wade in La Cresta.

Breeding barn for Sheila Murphy Nuevo, CA

This two stall shed row barn has a cross tie, tack room, feed room and small room for their goats. This barn belongs to Bill and Jamie Cortez in Norco, CA.


This barn was built for a couple in Oak Glen that had 2 miniature horses. It gives each mini its own individual stall yet they can see over the divider and have companionship. There are no window openings due to the fact mountain lions live in the area as well and the mini’s needed to be locked in at night for protection.

This is a 4 stall mare motel built for Brian of Yucaipa, CA. It has only one wall which includes 6 foot sliding doors to close out the wind.

For you girly girls: A pink and gray 6 stall barn. This young lady had us make it four stalls with the tack room and feed rooms as the center stall on each side so that when she gets her corrals up, her horses will have 18 foot wide runs instead of 12 foot wide. This barn belongs to Diana Quinlan of Lake Riverside.

diana-quinlans-barn-east-8-2-16 diana-quinlans-barn-west2-8-2-16 diana-quinlans-frnt-barn-8-8-16

Diana's barn alley 02-16-17


As we state on our ads, our barns are all custom made and we make them according to your needs. This barn below had to be built on a very small pad with out much room for a regular size barn. The barn is 24′ wide X 32′ long. These 2 stalls are 12′ by 24′ inside, with two 6′ sliding doors in case she’d ever need to enclose her horses in the stall only. The alley way is 8′ wide, the feed room, (behind the double doors) is 8’X 12’X 12′ tall and will hold 70 bales of hay and several grain containers, and the two automatic feeders. It also has an arched window besides the skylights.  Then we added an 8′ X 12′ tack room offset of the end of on stall with the arched window as well.


silvers-barn-west-side-8-29-16 silvers-barn-alleyway-08-29-16 silvers-barn-tack-room-08-29-16 silvers-barn-stall-front silvers-barn-north-fence-08-29-16 silvers-barn-north-08-29-16 silvers-barn-install-8-29-16

This barn belongs to Silver Stapleton of Temecula.

The barn below is a 3 stall shed row with 16X16 open stalls, and a 12X12 tack room.

Carries barn west09-30-16 carries stall front 09-30-16 carries barn front Carries barn1

It has beautiful stall fronts with U shaped grid sliding doors, but is open in the rear of each stall for wire panels outruns. It has a solid 2X8 T&G wall on the opposite end of tack room.

This barn belongs to Carrie V of Thousand Palms.


Dan's barn alley02-11-17 Dan's barn 02-11-17

Tony just recently put together this used barn up in the high desert for Mr. Dan.

It was quite the find and was put together like jigsaw puzzle. It is 36X48 8 stall barn.




If you have questions or would like help to design that new barn or shelter please give us a call or email.

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We are committed to supporting Aussie rescue organizations both financially (donations are usually tax deductible) as well as with our time (we readily foster Aussies) and with our breeding policies and philosophies (we are ‘home’ when a home is needed to any dog we have bred without exception).  We ask you to consider regular donations to Aussie rescue organizations.  Please take some time to read my position and 2 stories about ‘extreme’ Aussie rescue at this link.

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