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Have we got some beautiful puppies for you!

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In CA our puppies were all doggie door potty trained by the time they had gone to their new homes. We are in the process of building better dog facilities at our new ranch in Arizona, the dog barn will have doggie doors so we can continue with that important and wonderful access for dogs to enter and exit their house at will and to play or go potty which makes house training so much simpler and gives the dogs indoor and outdoor time as they need it. These are dogs, regardless of how people want to make them their babies. To raise a happy, healthy puppy into a happy healthy adult dog, they must have plenty of outdoor time to play, explore and develop the senses dogs have and need in order to be healthy and happy both mentally and physically .

Puppies born here will be started on potty training indoors where they are born and will be kept until they are old enough to venture outdoors safely, as due to varmints such as skunks, snakes, badgers, field mice, etc. We will not be putting doggie doors in our house, I think you can understand why. However they will have one in our new puppy nursery.

FIRST AND FOREMOST I WANT FOR MY PUPPIES TO GO TO LOVING FOREVER HOMES, that being said we need to be sure you have done your research and this is the breed for you, and this is the pup for you. Please click on my “Puppy Details” title under New Puppies heading on the menu and read it. It will help you to understand what I will do for you and what you should expect from this puppy and what I expect you to do for this puppy. Questions? I’m here, contact me. When you buy a puppy from us you have a direct line to me 24/7. If you ever have any questions, issues or just fun facts to share, I want to hear from you, for as long as we are Aussie family. If I don’t have the solution, I will do my best to  find it for you.

About blue eyed tri’s or BET gene dogs. and by tri that also includes bi’s and or solid coloreds. In order to produce BETs,  both parents have to carry the gene for it, not every bloodline in this breed carries it. The BET gene is not the same gene as blue eyes in the merle dogs. Becuz it is a rarity, it is also considered an asset that makes the dogs with it a little more expensive. Blue eyes do not show up at birth, it can take up to 3 weeks to 8 weeks to show up, but usually around 4 or 5 weeks.  So if you are watching results of the puppies below and see a change in their eye status, its perfectly normal.

Check back with us for the next litter due approx. Fall of 2020, from our new ranch in Snowflake, Arizona.


Cricket and Rio have given us a beautiful litter 10-27-20. (Blue eyed tri’s expected)

Cricket is my shadow, I cannot step back or I step on her. She is comical with her great sense of humor, very athletic, very obedient and loving. Having had a compound fracture of her tibia at 4 mos of age, you could say we became bonded, more like joined at the hip. She is a wonderful “little” girl. She is everything I want in an Aussie.

Rio’s dam Sticky is a dog I bred and had for years. I sold her to a cattle ranch in WY because I fell in love with their male dog Chisum. I wanted a pup from her and Chisum as a potential new stud dog prospect. When Rio was born I knew he was what I wanted. Rio is kind, talented, instinctive, well mannered and as sweet as any dog could be. He is also very determined and athletic. Hence the three litters below. The first litter was planned, the other two were not. Well, at least not planned by me. He learned to scale a 6 ft block wall and bear the stinging shock of hot wire to get to his lady loves.  Did I say he was determined?  These puppies will be awesome dogs, the bloodlines and bred in temperaments will make them the best dog you ‘ve ever had.

3 blue merle males, 1 Gorgeous black tri male, 1 red tri male and 2 black tri females.


This gorgeous boy is blue merle #1 His face patches look just like his mama’s. Newton is sold to Jacy and Dustin.




This is the pretty blue boy #2. Love his color. Griffen is also sold to Kristi.


Blue merle boy # 3 – Jack is sold to Glenn. His markings are gorgeous, he’ll be a pretty one.


This black boy is drop dead gorgeous. He has all the bling you could ask for. Perfect markings!

This pretty black girl is going to be something. Adorable markings and matching bobby sox on her feet. Katin is sold to kristi and will stay with brother Griffen.

This darling little black girl has a white snip on her nose and what we refer to as a “slobber” mark on her neck, actually its just a dash of a white collar. Her little sox are so cute and with her bright copper markings she will be an adorable little girl. I love her blocky face.

And last but not least is our red tri boy, Cocoa, a beautiful dark red with dark copper markings and darling little white sox. Cocoa is sold to Doug and Myra Gardner.

L-R Griffen, back is Jack, Black girl 2, Newton, &     Katin.

If any of these puppies are interesting to you, please call or text me at 951-663-2976.

NEXT litter due 11/7 Clover (full sister to Cricket) also bred to Rio.

These puppies will be all tri’s reds and blacks. Blue eyes are entirely possible as each parent is a blue eyed tri.

11-5-20 After laboring for many hours I determined Clover was not dilated enough to have her puppies and one little guy was stuck in the birth canal, I could touch him but not get him pulled out. So off we go to the vet for an emergency C- section. As the doctor pulled out her uterous and started the incision, it just blew up on another spot. It was like a water balloon full of water and puppies exploded.  We grabbed them and started trying to dry and resuscitate them, as puppies born from a C-section are also under anesthesia like their mama.   End result out of 8 gorgeous puppies we saved 4.

Clover is the littermate sister to Cricket. They are both so much alike in personalities and physical abilities. Clover is a sweetheart and is just the best mama. Clover is very biddable, just minds well and aims to please me in whatever we’re doing. She too is on the smaller size for Aussies, yet her athletic abilities are fantastic.

1 black tri male, 1 red tri male, 1 black tri female and 1 red tri female. All of these babies could very well be blue eyed tri’s as both parents are blue eyed tris.  These are sure beautiful babies!

BREAKING NEWS each of Clovers puppies have at least one blue eye, most on the right. The BTF has blue in both eyes. :}


First our pretty flashy red tri female. She has a complete white side of her face, I have no doubt it will color in with liver colored eyes and nose. I can already see the red trimming her right ear and filling in underneath it at 1 1/2 weeks of age. This little girl has personality plus. She also has one blue eye.


Next is this gorgeous black tri boy. He too is a show stopper. Such a pretty boy. Well marked. This boy has at least one blue eye.

Then we have this darling black tri girl, she is just about as perfectly marked as any dog I have ever seen. She should be quite an eye catcher that’s for sure. This puppy has blue eyes.

This red boy is a heart throb. What a stunning boy. Beautifully marked as well. This boy has one blue eye also.

L-R BTF & BTM kissin, RTF & RTM

parents pedigree’s are below. These pups have some of the finest breeding there is in working and show dogs. Working dogs for their intelligence and athleticism, show dogs for their beauty.

Rio’s (the sire of both litters) is Chisum and Sticky

dog Chisum-Pedigree (1) Dog Sticky’s Pedigree E187505-2

Clover and Crickets pedigree (They are littermate sisters)

Dog Cricket-Clover pedigree E215734[4216]

The next surprise we had is the Shiny and Rio’s litter of 7 gorgeous pups. 6 black tri males, and 1 red tri male.

Trust me these are all different puppies but 5 of them are almost exactly alike. AAAGGHHH How in the world do Labrador breeders do it?

Shiny is a daughter from Bliss and Tali, which has been the favorite puppies for my customers for many years. I was never able to keep one of these pups from that cross as someone would always talk me out of it. When this litter Shiny is from, was born, I said the last puppy that did had not sold yet was mine and here she is. She is gorgeous with her Mistretta dark copper and beautiful markings. She is smart, athletic, thinks things through, and is loving and loyal.

New pictures coming soon on this litter.


This is btm#1 he has a debit in his collar and his collar goes into his front legs making him a very sharp little guy.

BTM #2 has a full blaze connecting into his collar.

This pup is btm#3 he was the first born and so much easier to identify.

Btm#4 has a pretty good size debit in his collar along with a pointed blaze, with stockings to his upper forearms.

BTM #5 has a point in his collar going towards his head. Stocking to his upper forearms too.

BTM #6 a smaller but even collar with a whispy pointed blaze.

Thank God for a red dog, RTM, he is a pretty pup with the bright but dark copper. He will be very pretty.

There is a good chance these puppies can have blue eyes. BET genes on both parents.

As suspected, once the hair starts growing on these pups, markers start to disappear. Things such as whispy pointed blazes and debits in collars all grow out to where identification is even more difficult. please bear with me as I strive to get an accurate picture of each puppy.

Shiny’s Pedigree below and Rio’s is up above.

dog Shiny’s pedigree E214705[2617]

All puppies I breed and sell will be genetically clear by parentage for HSF4, MDR1, DM, CEA, PRA-PRCD CORD1-4. Some of my bitches are MDR1 carriers.  Puppies are checked and cleared by vet Opthomologist at 7 weeks of age and yearly or bi yearly until present and for their OFA’s are Hips OFA – Good ,(we do not breed anything less than Good) and Elbows – Normal.



1/1/19 Time to circle the chuck wagon, the puppies eating puppy mush. They are great eaters! (Gideon and Marlo’s puppies)


If you are looking for  the sweetest, prettiest, and no doubt the smartest puppy you have ever had,  look no further you have found them.

Come and see them, they are very special babies.  951-663-2976 cell.

These pups may be a moderate to high drive, with natural instinct for herding and or agility. These puppies can be super performance dogs for competition sports.


This is Belita. She is a Bliss and Tali daughter who lives in Sweden.

Besides being talented, smart, athletic, and gorgeous, Belita has a wonderful sense of humor.


Belita (full sister to Gideon and Shiny) smiling for the selfie, and Yes, all the puppies come with that silly but endearing smile.

Below  is Trubbies. HOF CH Coronado’s Trubbling Sensation STDsdc.  He is Reckon’s grandsire, Kimber’s great grandsire and uncle to many of our dogs. He too is talented, athletic, smart and gorgeous, and has a wonderful sense of humor, he is also a Hall of Fame champion. Trubbie’s passed away this past year (2019) at 14 yrs of age.

See how stunning these plain black tri puppies grow up to be?

The accomplishments are up to you the owners, these puppies are clean canvases ready for the brush of the artist to complete the picture.

Trubbles, the coolest of cool dogs. Red dog is Coronado’s Dottie West granddam to our Rio.





REGULAR TRI’s/BI’s are $1200.00

MERLES RED/BLUE are $1500.00

TRI’s/BI’s are $1750.00

Puppies are not sold with breeding rights, this is a discussion we would need to have to determine if breeding is right for this pup and you.

Breeding rights are an additional fee.