Our puppies are all doggie door potty trained by the time they go to their new homes.

FIRST AND FOREMOST I WANT FOR MY PUPPIES TO GO TO LOVING FOREVER HOMES, that being said we need to be sure you have done your research and this is the breed for you, and this is the pup for you. Please click on my “Puppy Details” title under New Puppies heading on the menu and read it. It will help you to understand what I will do for you and what you should expect from this puppy and what I expect you to do for this puppy. Questions? I’m here, contact me. When you buy a puppy from us you have a direct line to me 24/7. If you ever have any questions, issues or just fun facts to share, I want to hear from you, for as long as we are Aussie family. If I don’t have the solution, I will do my best to  find it for you.

Our next litter is going to be so exciting! Dec. 5th we will have a litter from Marlo and Gideon,


Marlo, AKA That Girl of Coronado’s  This is Marlo’s first litter. She is the direct granddaughter of my favorite old boy BG AKA Coronado’s Oh So Sizzlin Hot. I am so excited for this litter! All colors expected.

Gideon AKA Shadow Mts Gideon of Coronado

Gideon is the sweetest boy ever. I just love him and am so glad that Julie of Shadow Mt Aussies bought him and allows me to borrow him once in a while. He puts out the prettiest puppies with his sweet temperament.

This is Marlo on the inside, Cricket in the middle (a Gideon daughter) and the tiny Possum on the far outside. These girls are exhibiting their nice movement.

Marlo’s litter is clear on the genetic panel through parentage.


August 25, 2018 Ellie and Gator had a litter of 9 gorgeous puppies.

This litter is cleared on genetic panel due to parentage.


2 blue merle females, sold, 3 blue merle males, sold, 4 black bi/tri females (1 sold).

Ellie and her babies are say, “We’re watching you!”

Here are all the available puppies listed below, 2 black tri females and 1 bi female with 2 crystal blue eyes. All the merles have been sold.


Our remaining puppies traveling from the kennel to the side yard near our house. These silly girls love their taxi ride to and from the yard. In the second picture from left to right are : Oreo, Snicker doodles in the middle and Tootsie Rolls on the right.  The remaining black girls are below doing what they do best, having fun.


Oreo the blue eyed bi,she is sweet and so striking. Tootsie Roll is a character as well, smart and agile. All 3 of these girls are just great puppies with potential to do and excel at anything.


Snickers is the boss puppy, she is clever as well as very beautiful.

Snickers and Tootsie

Oreo and Miss Mayhem

“Hey can we come up there with you?” ” Quit pushing, you’re pushing me off”

“Take that, that’ll teach you”

Ellie giving love nibbles to Bliss, its a sign of matriarchal respect.

This kid! She is so darn cute and funny.

These two black girls look very similar, they are both adorable but way too smart for the average joe.

Ellie keeping an eye on them. These pix above taken 10-20


This is the black tri female #4, (BTF4), she is adorable and very sweet.

The above puppy is black tri female #3, (BTF3) she to is adorable and sweet. She is the other half of my double trouble pair with BTF1.

The above pup is btf2 , she is sold. She has one and a half blue eyes. BTF2 and BTF3 are pictured above, my double trouble girls.

BBF1 is a beauty, with 2 crystal blue eyes, a very sweet nature and tons of fun.

This is blue merle male #1 is Ziggy, he too is sold.


This is BMM2, another gorgeous boy that is also sold.

This is BMM3, also sold. He is bold and inquisitive, he loves exploring. I love his dark blue color.


First we have BMF2 Storm. Storm is sold. The rear shot is Ziggy with the tail and Storm with the black britches. They are best buddies.

Storm and BMM3 talking about doggie door etiquette.


 whelped in May 2018,


Kimber  and Tali whelped May 16th. 4 puppies, 2 black tri girls, 1 black tri boy and a red tri boy (deceased).

Kimber with her usual silly grin.

Tali looking on seriously, as he should since he sired all three of these “litters” .

Spring is the only puppy that has not gotten a new home. Spring is a high drive puppy, very intelligent and tons of fun. She is a very unique little girl and would be a wonderful agility or herding prospect. This little girl will rock your world!



Spring at 2 mos. of age.


Spring at 4 mos. of age. she is growing and getting a bit leggie. LOOK at the intensity in her eyes, this dog wants only to please. Spring has so much potential to be awesome at just about anything, but most of all the love and devotion she will give is unsurpassed.

Below Spring is teasing Wally, she jumps off the hay and the chase is on. Cricket the merle and Possum the tri join in the fun.

RUN Spring!

She made it to the “safe” zone. this is a fun and very smart little girl!

All the puppies below have been sold.

 beautiful black tri boy, sold to Robb Fordham.

This little black tri girl has more personality than most puppies. Even before she opened her eyes she was talking and letting her needs be known. This will be a really fun puppy.

this is Maggie Mae with her owner Ree Simovich. Ree recently lost our beloved Emmy Lou that she got from me 14 years ago. Heartbroken she called to deliver the sad news and asked if I had any pups coming. That was about a month ago, she was informed of our litters coming up and was ready for a new puppy chapter in her life. She met Maggie and I believe it was love at first sight. Maggie is such a character, she and Ree will have such a great life together.

Then on May 17th. Bliss and Tali surprised me with this puppy. I don’t call one puppy a litter. 1 very large Black tri male

Bliss and her matching puppy bracelets, Her boy and Maggie.

This is Kimber’s girl, Maggie and Bliss’s boy. I gave Bliss Maggie so her puppy would not grow up to be an only child.He loves his sister. Bliss’s puppy is full brother to Belita and will look just like her, as will most of the black tri’s..

Peppy and Tali


Here is Peppy’s puppies; 1 blue merle female (sold), 1 black tri male, 1 black bi male, 2 black tri females (1 sold).

Peppy’s twins female on the left, male on the right.

The male, he’s gorgeous.

the female, Oakley, sold to Toni and Mike Thompson of WA.

Such sweet puppies.

Pretty black tri female, she is going to be striking!

and our Bi boy. He too is going to be so stunning, especially if these eyes are blue…

If you want a chance at the sweetest, prettiest, and no doubt the smartest puppy you have ever had you had better call me soon.

Come and see them, they are very special babies. 951-325-7958 house, 951-663-2976 cell.

This will be a very high drive, heavy instinct for herding and or agility. These are going to be super performance dogs for competition sports.

This is Belita. She is a Bliss and Tali daughter who lives in Sweden.

Besides being talented, smart, athletic, and gorgeous, she has a wonderful sense of humor.


This  is Trubbies. He is Reckon’s grandsire, Kimber’s great grandsire and uncle to many of our dogs. He too is talented, athletic, smart and gorgeous, and has a wonderful sense of humor, he is also a Hall of Fame champion.

See how stunning these plain black tri puppies grow up to be? The accomplishments are up to you the owners, these puppies are clean canvases ready for the brush of the artist to complete the picture.

Trubbles the coolest of cool dogs.