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Our Dogs

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 Reckon –  Coronado’s Force 2B Reckon’d With 3/15/2012  Sire – Coronado’s Sensational Berrigan

Dam- Icy Something Special @ Sundance

CHEWY – CORONADO’S Specially 4 Ewe  08/4/16 Sire: Coronado’s Midnight Special (Gator)       

Dam: Coronado’s Stuck On Ewe (Sticky)


Tali – The Talisman of Coronado  8/26/2008

WTCH Mistretta’s Before the Thunder and Ewe R My Sunshine of Coronado

BERRIGAN  – Coronado’s Sensational Berrigan

Coronado’s Xclusive Sensation and Coronado’s Sizzlin Attraction

Berrigan is owned and loved by Jeff Barkhimer



BG‘ – Coronados Oh So Sizzlin Hot DNA-CP CGC  1997-2009

Coronado’s Gorgeous Hombre and Woodwinds Colorme Red Sundown


  RUSTY’–           Coronado’s Xclusive Rustler  DOB 9/22/2003- 2/13/14

                                                           Coronado’s Xclusive Sensation  and Coronado’s Yakity Yak

Rusty was such a character. These pictures were taken only months before his death. He came here in pretty bad shape, I only wish he’d of come earlier and maybe his outcome would of been different. He was a loving, fun dog to have around, but was an old street fighter and ladies man. I’m sure Rusty has sired 100s of puppies in the Woodcrest area of Riverside, unbeknownst to the females owners.  I am told he was nearly impossible to keep corralled if he smelled a female in season. After having him here through just one cycle of girls in season, I can attest to that statement. No dog is ever more determined than this old boy was. I could get so mad at Rusty it was ridiculous yet, you had to give the old guy credit for his efforts. He was usually one step ahead of my diversion, every time. I wish I had another puppy from this dog, he put out some amazing puppies for us, (not nearly as many as he planted himself). Wally is his daughter and if his determination will pass on to her for herding abilities, we will have it made!  We miss your silly grin old man… 



 Shadow Mts Wathe Elle Coronado AKA Ellie

Sire: Coronado’s Force 2B Reckond With

Dam: Shadow Mt’s Maggie

   Peppita  – Coronado’s Bonita Peppita  3/21/2013Sire- WTCH Skyway’s Tru Blu Genes  (Boo)

Dam-  Coronado’s Sensational Exclusion  (Lizzie)

Its hard to beat the bloodlines this young lady carries, Mistretta, Coronado, Twin Oaks, Las Rocosa, etc.


 Sticky – Coronado’s Stuck on Ewe  05/30/2013         Sire is –  Coronado’s Sensational Berrigan

Dam is – Coronado’s Dottie West

Sticky is comprised of the unique combination of bloodlines from Coronado’s, Mistrettas and Twin Oaks.  This is one go getter girl!

Bliss – Coronado’s Blissful Attraction 11/18/2011 Her Sire is Cowboy – Sundance’s Treasure 4 Coronado

Her dam is Jesse – Coronado’s Sizzlin Attraction

This dog is the elite lady of the bunch. Bliss is just that, a very gentle, loving, yet blissful soul. She is indeed a real sweetheart of a gal.

Wally – Sensations of Coronado 3/28/2012

Sire: Coronado’s Xclusive Rustler (Rusty)

Dam: Coronado’s Sensational Exclusion


Wally is my girl, she feels I need her protection and attention, 24/7. She is so smart, beautiful, and athletic. Her puppies are fabulous!

Lizzie – Coronado’s Sensational Exclusion  8/3/2009

Coronado’s Sensational Berrigan and Coronado’s Rowdy Rascal

Lizzie is very unique, she is quite the mixture of a rough and tumble dog yet can be such a lady. Lizzie is the dam, of Wally, Peppy, Gator and Marlo. She is a gorgeous girl inside and out.

Chiquita – Coronado’s Dangerous Attraction  3/14/2009 to 2/2017
Top Gun’s Armed and Dangerous and Coronado’s Sizzlin AttractionChiquita is a sweety too, the biggest most muscular female (and most of the males too) on the place, yet the kindest, gentlest dog, unless you are a coyote or other critter that doesn’t belong here. Then watch out!
 ‘Rascal‘ – Coronado’s Rowdy Rascal 

6/7/2006 – 2/8/2018

CH. H A MacAngus Og and Coronado’s My Darlin Clementine

Rascal is the dam of Lizzie. She is quite the character, very athletic and smart. I think where she shines though is with children. Rascals favorite thing in the world is when the grandkids come over, she LOVES the children of all sizes. Even in public if she sees kids she has to go to them to just lean against and kind of hug them in her fashion. All the young girls and boys (we are talking puppies now) love their gramma Rascal too. They continually are kissing her, which of course what gramma doesn’t like that.

Dotty‘ – Coronado’s Dotty West 5/24/2005 – 8/30/2013.

Miss you my little Dotty doodler.

Coronado’s Oh So Sizzlin Hot and Twin Oaks Wolfs Song

‘Ruby” –  Coronado’s Ruby Doo

Ruby is by Reckon, Coronado’s Force 2B Reckond With

Her dam is Playtimes Lady of Shadow Mt.

Ruby is fun and sweet, very athletic with gorgeous dark red coloring.

Jesse‘ – Coronado’s Sizzlin Attraction  4/29/2002 to 5/28/2016

Coronado’s Oh So Sizzlin Hot and Maggie Elaine of Starcross  

Yaky‘  – Coronado’s Yakity Yak  11/21/2000 – 7/15/2010

Coronado’s Oh So Sizzlin Hot and Coronado’s Belle Starr 

‘Sunshine‘ – Ewe R My Sunshine of Coronado DNA-CP CGC   1999 – 2009

Coronado’s Oh So Sizzlin Hot and Coronado’s Belle Starr

‘Brave‘ – Coronado’s Braveheart In Blue   10/22/1999- 7/2011

Coronado’s Oh So Sizzlin Hot and Coronado’s Belle Starr

Robbin‘ – Coronado’s Bare Necessities  10/20/1999- 06/4/2013

Coronado’s Rustlin in the Bare and M&M’s Summertimes Joy

Dam of HOF CH Coronado’s Trubbling Sensations


‘Maybelline‘ – British Sterlingsmaybellinegal  CGC  1994 – 2008

Windy Knolls British Sterling and M&M’s Summertime Joy

(NEWS! – son, Malik, earns MACH2 agility title)

Eileen & Tony Coronado

Snowflake, Arizona




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