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Buddy- such a cutie.
This picture of Buddy has been on this website for many years, at this time, maybe 17 years?
People continually asks me about Buddy, “is he for sale?”. Buddy was sold a very long time ago to Kristen Lodge. He had Buddy many years before he even got married. But as you can see, Buddy had more people added to his and Kristen’s family and he loved them. Buddy was obviously very much in love with the new charge he was given, and the feeling seems mutual. Unfortunately our dogs do not live as long as we would like them too, they were heartbroken to loose him in 2019, he was their best friend. He had a great home and family that loved him and he loved them. What more could I ever ask for?


If you do not get a reply from my email, please call or text as my server does not give me every email, and I can’t get it figured out how to retrieve them. Or try my old




The black bi with two blue eyes is Mick. He is a Dally and Peppy pup born March of 2021.

Mick is a very biddable dog, He is quiet, and is super instinctive on our cattle and has a lot of drive.

Mick is currently in training on sheep with Jim Weseloh in Kingman. He is doing great, I have video’s of him working stock and putting them in the trailer.I’ll try to get them downloaded here.

I kept Mick back for myself, and realized as a potential stud dog I cannot use him in my breeding program as he

is related to all my females. Sadly, Mick will need a new home. Mick is a unique boy, I believe he has the potential to just do anything and excel in it. He certainly has the bloodlines

to do that.

Mick’s pedigree below

Dog Dallys Ped.E217734


dog- Gators pedigree  

Peppy and Gator are full siblings so it is her pedigree as well.


I want uniform puppies in both builds and temperaments, the markings not so much.  The parents of these puppies were chosen by me for breeding because of their excellent temperaments, conformation, bloodlines, and genetic health.

All of that is vitally important but temperament is an especially important characteristic when training, handling, working, hanging out with and breeding these dogs, which is why these puppies all sound alike in their descriptions.  And that is a good thing, a very good thing.



For our new puppies see our puppy page. Next litter Clover and Dally, due in Winter of 2022. All colors and BETs expected. 


The prices for Coronado puppies range from $1,200.00 to $1,750.00 at this time. All regular  tri’s or bi’s puppies  are $1200.00, merles blue or red are $1500., The blue eyed tri’s are $1750.00. Breeding rights are $500 more. Consideration to repeat buyers and to military, police, fire, first responders.




Once in a great while we have dogs returned for various reasons from their owners. Though it makes us sad that the dog can’t always stay with their owners that they have grown to love and want to be with, (however sometimes that’s just not the case) we also do not want the dogs to have any issues or be taken to shelters or given to inappropriate homes, where they may come in harms way, so we take them back. We also know in this economy, things have changed drastically for some and sadly, sometimes they have to give up the pets they love to in order to survive and also not to neglect their pets. We will do anything we can to get these dogs safely re-homed into a loving home that’s forever.

We also take in strays/rescues.

RESCUE ADOPTIES: none at this time. Thank God!



Check the New Puppies page for current and planned litters.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our babies, my contact info is at the bottom of every page. I accept text, calls, and emails.

        *Anthony Coronado Contractor specializes in Horse Barns and Shelters *

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     Contact me if you are interested in more info on either of these beautiful dogs/puppies, OR one of our beautiful custom barns.

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Dogs for Adoption:

Please support Aussie rescue:

We are committed to supporting Aussie rescue organizations both financially (donations are usually tax deductible) as well as with our time (we readily foster Aussies) and with our breeding policies and philosophies (we are ‘home’ when a home is needed to any dog we have bred without exception).  We ask you to consider regular donations to Aussie rescue organizations.  Please take some time to read my position and 2 stories about ‘extreme’ Aussie rescue at this link.

Eileen & Tony Coronado

Snowflake, AZ

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