About Quarter Horses

Our Quarter horses are also a very important part of our family. 

They too have been in our lives for many years. The bloodlines our horses carry are dependable working lines, with some excellent racing lines bred into them for speed and endurance. These horses and their ancestors have been with us for the last forty + years. Their overall health and correctness and strong breeding has given them long, healthy, useful lives. Of course, quarter horses come in all colors, however, because our late stallion Tig was a dun who produced beautiful duns and buckskins, we carry those color genes. Its a color that is very pleasing to the eye and a cooler color when riding in the hot summer sun. These horses make great arena horses whether it’s pleasure, reining, cow horse, rodeo events or ranching.  As with our dogs, temperament is extremely important to us. Doesn’t matter how good looking or athletic an animal is, if its temperament is not willing to try and do whatever it is we need it to do, to please its owner, handler, rider, then we would be fighting an uphill battle most of the time. Trainers will tell you, if an animal isn’t willing, biddable (means to please) it makes the job of training extra hard. Both our horses and our dogs come from very long bloodlines of people pleasing ancestors.