Mattie - Long Mts Magnificent Mattie

Mattie is 2 yrs old, intact red tri female. Mattie is a pretty stocky female, super sweet, absolutely crazy sense of humour, very socialable and LOVES to go bye bye and greet people. She has clear genetic panel and has OFA Elbows – Good; and Hips- Fair. She gets along well with other dogs but with some females,she wants to be the alpha.

She is very well bred, I’ll put her pedigree up soon. She is a pretty dark red minimal white, red tri. Mattie is doggie door potty trained. She is good with people and kids. AND as you can see wears that happy face all the time.

This is a dog that you’ll be proud to own and will love you unconditionally.


Doodles is a beautiful blue merle girl. She is a sweet dog, really easy going and was a good mama dog. You can see her pups on this site, she does produce gorgeous puppies. She too is cleared on genetic panel and eyes.

Doodles has a beautiful pedigree, with some outstanding bloodlines.

Doodles and Mattie are best buds, they're both flop dogs, hahaha.