Coronado Remembers

They will not go quietly, the pets who’ve shared our lives.

In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives.

Old habits still can make us think we hear them at the door,

or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor.

Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be,And, sometimes, coming home at night, we miss them terribly.

And although time may bring new friends and a new  food dish to fill

That one place in our hearts belongs to them…

and always will.


Coronado's Rowdy Rascal

We laid Rascal to rest this past Feb. she had fought a long battle with cancer. What can I say about Rascal, she taught me never to name a dog a name you don’t want them to become. She could literally drive me crazy, but Rascal’s specialty and roll in life was children. She loved kids more than anything else in this world. Jonathon, my first grandson, was her pup, not my grandson. She loved him from the first moment my son brought him over to the house for me to start watching. It seemed Rascal always new the day we watched Jonathon, she was so excited, whining and watching out the window till Clint drove up with the baby. When my younger son, Travis, had his children, it was the same thing, she loved them so much. Travis is also my farrier, and when he’d come to shoe horses, she would be so excited following his truck, whining and just excited out of her skin until he opened the doors and she could see the kids. IF the kids weren’t with him, she was just so terribly disappointed. You really felt bad for her she was so disappointed.  Never a licker, she just wanted to lean against them as a doggie hug and be right there with them in order to protect them. At our home, I never worried about the kids running into snakes or getting into trouble because Rascal was always right with them.  She earned her spot in heaven taking care of my babies, that’s for sure. I miss this old gal.


Coronado's Sizzlin Attraction, Jesse

Jess was the most wonderful mama dog ever, she would take care of any other dogs puppies. In these pictures Jesse is taking care of her daughter’s pups since the mama got poisoned and it was too dangerous for Paisley to continue feeding her newborn pups. Yes Tony and I bottle fed them but Jesse came in and let them nurse (I’m sure her milk was not nutritional as she hadn’t had puppies in several years) but she kept them clean and satisfied, and my sanity. She was the best dispositioned old gal, the alpha dog, who was tough and no one dared challenge her, yet so gentle and sweet with the babies, 2 or 4 legged. She is grandma to many of our dogs, I see a little Jesse in all of them, a trait I am proud to have in my dogs.


Coronado's Exclusive Sensation, Bandit

Bandit was a character. He was the most gorgeous dog, with his fun loving teasing personality, he has made his stamp on the Aussie breed. As a true example of the fine Mistretta breeding, he was just that, a fine example of the Australian Shepherd. He will be missed by those that knew and loved him. Judhi and Blake  (Gearhart Aussies) have my sincerest and deepest sympathies at this time. It is so tough to lose those that impact our lives as this boy did all of us.  Bandit will live on in so many of his progeny. I see him everywhere, when I look at my dogs.


Coronado's Dotty West, Dotty Doodles

If Dotty could have talked to me before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, in her unfathomable intelligence, she would of reassured me this, “When tomorrow starts without me, Don’t think we’re far apart, for every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart.”

She was such a little girl in size, but her spirit and devotion were enormous! Missin you doodie.


Coronado's Blue Belle

In 2005 I was contacted by Shawn Sommers about a future litter I was having. She said her husband Chris had always wanted a blue merle female and his birthday was coming up, so would I contact her when Jesse’s litter was born. I did and Shawn and her two very small children came out to see the puppies. There was only one blue girl, so not a lot of choice.  They decided between the three of them, that the blue female puppy would be just fine for Chris.

A few days later, they brought Chris up to see his birthday present. They drove up and all of them jumped out and ran around to Chris’s door to help him out. They had stopped down the street and blindfolded him. They led him down our front porch to the laundry room where Jesse’s puppies were. We opened the door and the kids had him kneel down in front of the puppy pool, of course he had no idea what they were doing since he couldn’t see anything. Then they took his blindfold off and he was quiet.  The kids said, ” your birthday present is in here, which one is it?”  He picked up Blu Belle and said,” is this her?”   They were all so happy, he had chosen the puppy they had chosen for him.  I think it was love at first sight, for all of them.   It was such a loving and touching experience I still get choked up remembering it.


I lost a treasured friend today

the dog who used to lay

Her gentle head upon my knee

and share her silent thoughts with me

She’ll come no longer to my call

Retrieve no more her favorite ball

A voice far greater than my own

Has called her to His golden throne.

Although my eyes are filled with tears,

I thank Him for the happy years

He let her spend down here with me

and for her love and loyalty.

When it is time for me to go

And join her there, this much I know…

I  shall not fear the transient dark

For she will greet me with her bark.



Coronado's Bare Necessity, Robin

Oct. 20, 1998 - May 2, 2013

Robin was a great gal. She had a quiet presence that made herself well known to the other dogs. She was like a sister to Sunshine, and Brave because she was only two days older than them and raised together.   She was not shown after a year old due to an eye injury as a young dog . She produced some very fine puppies, several champions, among them, CH Coronado’s Trubbling Sensations, but most were champions to their owners. Robin leaves me with her longstanding legacy she has passed down to generations of dogs, of which I am reminded every time I open a gate to let the dogs run.  Even up until 2 weeks ago, when I’d open the gate from the back yard, Robin would spring out like a young pup and bouncing along growling, barking and playing with the other dogs. Though her bounce was less bouncy and she wasn’t as stable as before, she did her best to remain young and carefree. She was never one to ask for much, she was quiet and easy going (except when you opened the gate or you stayed too long with her puppies) but Robin loved her life as the remaining matriarch here, receiving the respectful nuzzles and licks from all the other dogs through out the day.  She was such a quiet soul, yet you knew she was there. Always right there. I miss her.


L-R Ashley, Belle Cheesman, Maybeline Hartunian, Sunshine and Brave Coronado, Thor.

Coronado's Maybelline Hartunian

Oct. 22, 1998 – April 2013

Hi Eileen, I don’t know if you remember but Maybeline picked us that day we went to see your pups, almost 14 years ago! I get choked up just thinking about it, Eileen. She gave us so much joy… so many many memories with that girl… Mark used to say, “she’s human, she not a dog!”  Bobken was her pup, I swear that girl would push me aside so she could walk down the driveway with him @ her side. If he went to fast, she would so carefully grab the back of his diaper with her teeth to slow him down. Bobken and her had a great time together. They were best buds. She was such a good mother to Shago too, everyday she would clean her ears and eyes, and never growled or nipped at her. Lady was taught everything from her, even how to clean Shago’s eyes and ears. So now you know who’s grooming 11 yr. old Shago, yup 2 yr. old Lady. Well I’ve told just a little about my Maybeline, my friend and my companion. I miss her everyday, we all loved her and we all miss her… I’ve been told I will see her again one day, I’m going to hang on to that… it helps me through those sad memory moments.

Bobken and I cried on and off for 3 days after she left, its been tough, but we have lots and lots of good memories, and Shago and Lady are with us, still having fun.


Coronado's Jesse Boss

Jan. 22, 1996 – July 16, 2012

Jesse was born into Maybelline’s very first litter. It was Maybelline and Rosewood’s Doc Holiday. To me it was a magical combination.  Jesse was an adorable, fun loving, little scamp. After spending three hours sitting in the puppy pen playing with all 11 puppies, Clay Boss picked out Jesse for his daughter Natalie. I’m sure Natalie had many years of enjoying Jesse, but it was apparent that Jesse and Clay had a very special bond. They were quite a pair those two.  However after 16 1/2 years of batching it together, the time has come to let his old friend be relieved of his duty here and end the suffering which comes with old age.  Jesse will be remembered with love and laughter and missed immeasurably.  Rest in peace old friend.


Coronado's Bare Necessity, Robin

Oct. 22, 1998 -  Apr. 3, 2012

Belle was Rosemary’s baby. She was a sweet, loving, and fun little girl for not only Rosemary but the whole San Clemente neighborhood. She came into Rosemary’s life when she had just lost her previous Aussie girl, Babe from a tragic accident.  Rosemary and Bob needed another loving Aussie to help to heal the pain. Hearing that BG and Belle Starr (my dogs) were expecting a litter, Rosemary put in her order for a red merle female. Rosemary LOVES red merles. I explained that in Aussies we do not ever know what colors and what sexes we will get, but we make educated guesses as to what we might expect. I had hoped Belle would give her a red merle female but kind of had my doubts, as that’s a lot to ask for.

Belle had 9 puppies so far and we had some gorgeous blacks and blue merles but no red merles. The 10th puppy came out, and though it was a red merle, I held my breath as I turned it over to cut the umbilical cord.  YES, a girl, Rosemary’s baby.  I called her a bit later when I knew Belle was through whelping and she was ecstatic! Rosemary and Bob came to visit little Belle a couple days after that and held and loved on their new baby girl. It has been a truly wonderful life for them. Belle was there to help comfort Rosemary when Bob passed away. These two gals were very close and dependant on each other.  Unfortunately our fur kids don’t last as long as we’d like them too. Their passing is always so hard on those of us left behind. But Thank God, He gives them to us for the short time we do have them.

As Garth Brooks so aptly sings, “And now I’m glad I didn’t know,

The way it all would end the way it all would go,

Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain,

But I’d of had to miss the dance,

Yes my life is better left to chance,

I could have missed the pain but I’d of had to miss the dance.”

Belle is full littermate sister to Braveheart and Sunshine, listed below.


Coronado's Sheila Lewis

10/9/1999 - 3/25/2012

Hello Eileen,

Remember us? Sheila and Dodger’s parents were Gorgeous and Swing. I can not even begin to relate the joy and companionship we have shared with those two lovely dogs. They have camped thousand’s of nights all over California and the western states. We spent one summer tripping around Canada. They have run in oceans, lakes, rivers and deserts. What great Friends!

Sheila was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen in late August. Several vets said she would not last the week. Sheila being Sheila, she proved everyone wrong, Her tumor is the size of a watermelon.  She doesn’t show any obvious signs of pain, but I know how stoic Aussies are. At some point we are going to have to put her down. We don’t want to rush it, if she can take it so can we. On the other hand, we are afraid she is suffering.

We are waiting for a sign from her or a sign from God.

When do you know?  We love her so much. We are sending pics,

Thank you,

Bob and Teresa Lewis

There is nothing I can say or add to this letter from Sheila’s family to describe her any better, she was Sheila, she loved her family and their lifestyle and was loved immensely in return. What better life can I ask for, for any of our puppies? My deepest sympathies have gone out to you both and Dodger dog too. Thank you both for giving these two fur kids such a wonderful life with the both  of you. They were very happy, very loved dogs.


Coronado's Braveheart in Blu

Oct.22,1998 to July 7, 2011

Bravie was such an extraordinary girl. She was not your typical Aussie. She loved us, but was not too crazy about strangers, (which is an Aussie trait, called being reserved)  but boy would Brave show her enthusiasm for any Aussie people that she met. Funny how they know that about a person.

She had a most unique giggle, I’ve never seen a dog ever giggle before, but our Bravie when working sheep, giggled while warring behind them. (bunching and fetching them) It was almost like she was so happy they were cooperating with her and she could follow along without a care in the world. I even thought I’d heard her humming. She was always a happy girl. Always. She could throw out that Aussie grin and brighten your day at the drop of a hat. Brave didn’t just grin at us, she grinned at the other dogs, the horses, the cats, and she loved to grin and kiss her daddy. She was just a special happy girl.  She was a beautiful girl, inside and out. We miss her and that beautiful grin.

“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world

wouldn’t have missed loving you girl,

You’ve made my whole life worth while

with your smile.

I wouldn’t trade one memory

cause you mean that much to m

Even though I lost you girl,

I wouldn’t of missed it for the world.”

- Ronnie Milsap  (He must of had an Aussie too)


Assured Seas AKA Poopi (to her friends)

5-9-79 to 5-23-11

Poopi  was a very special mare. From the moment she was born, I knew this would be a very special horse with a lot of heart. And that she did as she proved it over and over throughout the years.  I honestly didn’t think she would make the trip to WA with us as at that time she was 27 years old and pretty arthritic. She was injured pretty bad in a trailer accident on the way up there but not only survived it, but spent several really cold winters in snow which us California gals just weren’t used too. Then she made the same trip back to her home in Cali again in 2009. The trip each way was over 1350 miles.  That’s a lot of miles for any horse to make let alone an old gal like Poopi.

Poopi produced several very nice colts for us, one of which is our stallion Tigre. She was a wonderful mare, a great friend who never once told any of the many secrets we shared.  It was really tough to let her go, I feel like a part of me is missing.   She has left a huge void in our hearts yet she left us with her legacy in Tigre, and her granddaughters Chamois, and Sis and great granddaughter Spiffinic.


 Coronado's Yakity Yak, Yaky

This is by far the sweetest girl that has ever lived. She was my babysitter for any puppy we chose to keep and loved her job.

She only had a couple litters herself, and lost her last one also having to be spayed as she was herding cattle and got stomped on.

Later in a freak accident, Yaky was ran over by my husband in his heavy work truck. Her pelvic looked like a jigsaw puzzle, but was all intact. The vets felt she’d never walk, but she did. Then the jigsaw puzzle busted loose. They wanted to put her down. She made if fine, on her own, (with a helping hand from God). She not only walked but ran, climbed stairs and lived many years after that. It was time for Yaky to make her way over that rainbow bridge.  We still miss you, sweet girl.


Coronado's Oh So Sizzlin' hot BG

10/20/1997 – 12/15/2009





10/22/99 – 04/01/09

Sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray.

You’ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my Sunshine away…

We lost our baby girl due to complication from diabetes. Its a terrible disease, one that little is known or help is available in the canine world.


 Coronado's Precious Sensation

9/22/03 TO 01/10/09

This beautiful little girl was never given the chance to fulfill her destiny. Such talent, beauty, and intelligence was stolen away from us. Precious was just that, precious.


British Sterling’s Maybelline Gal, “Maybe”


here are many people that feel titles are what makes a dog special. Titles are fine accomplishments and do add value to the one that wins them. But how do you measure the true worth of a friend? A friend that is there for you, every day, every night, and every minute. You only have to but whisper her name  and she’s right there with you, because she’s  always only an arms reach away. Ready at an instant for whatever we asked of her.  That was our Maybelline, giving us more times of joy than one could ever deserve. All she ever wanted in return was love, affection and to be beside us.

Maybelline always made coming home such a joy, she’d be wigglin her butt and grinning so hard she’d sneeze. She had a way of making me feel like I was the most special person in the world, to her.

In the last couple of years she could not hear my voice, but our hearts still heard each others.

It feels as if she was always here, and yet now as if she was just that adorable puppy yesterday.  I could write a book on our experiences together, but prefer to keep those memories tucked close to my heart to help me deal with the grief.

Though I did not want to loose you, I could not bare to see you experience the excruciating pain that was soon to come. I only wanted to spare you the unbearable agony of it. She never complained, even now when I knew she was already experiencing more pain than should be tolerated.  Maybe fought till the end, she did not want to leave. She had ran the good race and fought the good fight.

If the Good Lord has a place in His Kingdom ( I believe He does) for the beautiful animals He created for our joy and our needs, I’m sure Maybe is there, free of pain, running and playing in her youthful style, along with our other beloved dogs that have gone on before.

We were truly blessed to have been given this beautiful fur kid for so many happy wonderful years. Maybelline’s legacy lives on in her daughter Annie, and all her granddaughters, Sunshine, Brave and Yaky, and great grand daughter Precious and her half sister Robbin.

We’ll miss you old friend, yet it comforts me to know that you’ll be waiting for me, butt wigglin, and that delightful grin, on the other side.

Connor Coronado of Slinfold

Connor’, Connor Coronado of Slinfold, has passed on.  The photos show Connor winning Winner’s Dog and completing his Novice Agility Title.  Connor is the littermate brother to our BG.  He was owned and forever loved by Nichola Ellis of Burbank.

“My Great Teacher and My Great Friend.  Blended in my heart forever…” Nick xx

“Connor, was just Connor. He  was a real character from the word go.  I truly believe – actually, I know it in my heart – that he was destined only for Nicola. I’d originally sold Connor to Eileen Schultz in Canada as a 4-month old pup. Nic had met puppy Connor a few week earlier. Her heart was torn because she had fallen in love with 2 pups.  But she was living in an apartment at a time and felt she could only handle one pup.  She let me know that she had bravely chosen little ‘Tyson’ at another breeder’s home because she had concerns that his breeder might ‘do something drastic’ to place the plain black pup (what a heart!).

Connor went to Canada but was not a very happy dog.  His first owner, Eileen S., called me complaining that he was barking hysterically ever since he’d arrived, three days before, and he would not stop.  He had a very strong personality – that Connor boy. She had him in a kennel, 6 X 10 or such, and he was NOT having it. I tried to explain that this pup was accustomed to large yards and running with other dogs (that had to be his problem, I convinced myself at the time). Eventually, Eileen S and I decided it would be best for Connor to come back home to me. Not 5 minutes after I’d hung up the phone with Eileen S., Nic called and asked if Connor was alright. She had been having bad dreams about him for the previous 3 nights. He was terribly upset and barking in her dreams. She was very worried about him.

I had only met Nic one time, when she came to visit puppy Connor a couple of weeks before. I didn’t know her well, but at that moment, even though I was a little unsure about the crazy dream event, I knew where Connor belonged.  It was simply ‘meant to be’.  Nic’s dream came from a heart full of enough love to enable her to manage raising 2 Aussie pups at once. That same love would help Connor adjust to the apartment-sized life Nic had to offer him as her second puppy (‘second’, indeed!). Connor absolutely loved Nic. And, she loved him right back. He was a big, goofy, and very bold pup.  He ‘performed’ like a trouper for her. Connor was Nic’s protector and her personal comedian. I think Connor was the ‘Abbot’ and Tyson the ‘Costello’ of their comedy act. What a team!  He was always glad to come back to our place and visit us, romping with his brother and the other dogs in his family. But he made it clear that he loved going home with Nic and ‘Tyson’ (the plain black pup that became his side-kick) most of all.

I truly believe that many of our dogs have eventually ended up their ideal homes because the Good Lord chose that combination (as unlikely as a particular home might have seemed in our mere human minds). This match was definitely one of HIS picks. Connor was such a powerful individual and his passing has left a huge silent hole. We all miss him and his silly, freckle-faced grins.”  Eileen (& Tony) Coronado


“Your beauty, your aim to please, your commitment to excel in all ways made you a champion among your fellows.  I want to thank you, Conner, for your majestic spirit, the joy, and the loving lessons that you brought to our friend, Nicola.  You are cherished and will always be in our hearts.” Victoria


“Conner was an “Old Soul” and his own dog.  His wonderful awareness and patience with humans will be missed.” William Alan Gregory


“I believe our pets are a gift from God that teach us the wisdom of pure unconditional love. They become one with the deepest love we carry in our hearts. Conner was a fountain of unconditional love and a wise four legged teacher in a beautiful fur coat who was deeply loved by Nicola.” Love, Kristin Pugliese 

5-Generation Pedigree of Connor

 Coronado's Boss Bear

“Coronado’s Boss Bear was loved beyond measure by his human soul mate, May Boss. Bear was her constant companion and best friend. Bear was a gentleman with an unusually quiet nature for an Aussie. His only desire was to please May and be with her every moment. Everyone that met him was impressed at this big gentle bear of a dog that was so pleasant and sweet. As big a dog as Bear was, you would hardly know he was around unless you looked down at May’s side. That was his place. That’s just the way he wanted it. Life is not always fair and death can take us by surprise. I know by experience that the grief can be almost unbearable. But the wonderful memories of all the years of togetherness eventually brings back the smiles and an occasional joyful laugh to even the most sorrowful heart. Thank God for memories. Bear was such a remarkable individual, totally dedicated to the one he loved. He was truly an outstanding example of the loyalty and love that the Australian Shepherd is famous for. We are so sorry he’s gone, but Bear will live on forever in all of the hearts that knew him.”  Eileen and Tony Coronado