Our Aussies

Our bloodlines are strong and sound. 

We do not breed any dog whose hips rates less than OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Good and Elbows- Normal. We are very selective when breeding to outside dogs due to the issues of genetic eye soundness and of course the issues of epilepsy and other prevalent genetic diseases that now sadly permeated this wonderful breed. Our dogs eyes are cleared yearly and puppies at 7 weeks of age by veterinary Ophthalmologist, we have tested every puppy, and every adult since the early 1990’s and have never had a dog diagnosed with CEA, PRA, PRCD which means we do not have any of these eye diseases in our bloodlines, past and present. Now we do genetic testing for HSF4 (hereditary eye cataracts), DM (Canine Degenerative Myelopathy),  and MDR1 (Multi Drug Sensitivity) testing, and CEA, DM, PRA-CORD1-4. 

There is proof that even if a dog tests N/N for MDR1 (which means they do not have that gene for that condition in their body), the dog can still have a severe reaction to Ivermectin products and its derivatives along with sensitivity to items such as drugs used for anesthetizing, flea & tick meds, etc. We test the parents for MDR1 which will let us know if any pups could be carriers. None should be afflicted as we would not knowingly breed a carrier to a carrier. Even if the dogs are cleared (N/N) in this test it gives a false sense of security thinking their Aussie (or any merle gene dog) is safe to administer Ivermectin products such as heartworm meds, and some anesthetic drugs when in fact it may not be, and the dog could still be in danger.  Always remind your veterinarian that this is an Aussie and to use extreme caution when administering drugs to it. That being said, we do our best to ensure our dogs are as genetically sound and free of genetic diseases and conditions as possible.