About Us 

Eileen and Emily

Tony and Eileen Coronado are both California natives and lived in Romoland, California since 1984.  In October 2006, we moved to our new ranch in Deer Park, Washington.  It was a ‘Noah’s Arc’ experience without the water (7 horses, 13 dogs, 2 cats, 2 fish, and a tortoise!). 

In 2009 we moved back to California due to the collapse of the economy and we lived in Nuevo, CA. And yes, they all came back with us, maybe more.

As of June of 2019, we were part of the great exodus from CA, and moved to Snowflake, Arizona. 

Tony and I strive to breed top quality Australian Shepherd dogs.  The Australian shepherds and Quarter horses have been in Eileen’s family as long as she can remember.   Here is a picture of Eileen and her Aussie, Emily, dressed up for the Norco parade, Sept. 1964. Poor Emily, she sure took a lot of torment from me as a kid. The good thing about Aussies, is they are very forgiving.  Emily would fiercely protect me and my family from anyone or anything she did not trust, as so very many of my dogs have done over the years. It's an Aussie thing. 

The Aussies have always been the versatile, beautiful, loyal companions, dependable babysitters, and great ranch dogs that have made this breed so popular today. The rest of the world is just finding out what we’ve known for years. Australian shepherds are wonderful dogs, no others are so well rounded, versatile, loyal and loving!  

 Aussies excel in agility, herding, conformation, obedience, tracking, scent work and just being your best friend. We’ve even done Search and Rescue with one of our boys, Gorgeous. He was ready for certification testing in less than 3 mos. compared to the normal 9 mos. of training and accepted and consistently “hit” upon cadaver scenting. Not many dogs will do that.