Our Girls

WALLY - Sensations of Coronado

Born 03/28/2012

Clear on genetic panel, eyes checked and cleared. OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal

Sire: Coronado’s Xclusive Rustler, Rusty

Dam: Coronado’s Sensational Exclusion

Wally is my girl, she feels I need her protection and attention, 24/7. She is so smart, beautiful, and athletic. Her puppies are fabulous!

RUBY - Coronado's Ruby Doo

Born 03/21/2013

Clear on genetic panel, eyes checked and cleared.

Sire: Coronado’s Force 2B Reckond With, Reckon

Dam: Playtimes Lady of Shadow Mt.

Ruby is fun and sweet, very athletic with gorgeous dark red coloring. She is your typical red head, wants what she wants and determined to get it. She’ll do just about anything for a  good pet or “that a girl”

CRICKET - Coronado's Wild n Blu

Born 11/26/2017

Clear on genetic panel, eyes checked and cleared.

Sire: Coronado’s Gideon of Shadow Mt

Dam: Coronado’s Kimber of Silverspur

Cricket is a blast! Lets go and do it, that’s her motto. She can do anything I ask and loves to please. Her beauty inside and out is unbelievable.

Cricket was four mos. old when on  Easter Sunday we returned home from a family get together only to find this little girl, not wanting to come see me. She just sat and held her hind foot up like it hurt. I palpated the foot and leg but she never responded. So the next day we go to the vet and with these xrays see where she  busted her leg pretty badly.  Dr. Runde suggested we take her to a surgeon to set it and pin it, but at her age we also had the option of setting it and keeping her down till it healed, changing cast every week due to the growth factor at that age. He felt we would change cast for 8 weeks depending on her healing and my ability to keep her from doing anything dumb. Since she would have to be kept down regardless of which ever option we chose, I knew if we could set it good enough, we could allow it to heal without screws and pins. So we did.  She was a very good patient, except when I took her out to potty, if I didn’t have a leash on her, she’d take off and run as fast as she could around our circle driveway which was very steep on one side as we lived  on a hill at that time. clomp clomp clomp the little booger, you could hear that cast hitting the ground for a mile. I learned to leash her. I put her on 2 NuVet pills per day and when we re xrayed her leg at 6 weeks, it was knitted very good and a nice clean set. I attribute her healing so fast (especially since she escaped me so many times) to the NuVet Plus vitamin supplement.

We no longer allow park benches in with the dogs.

CLOVER - Coronado's Crimson & Clover

Born 11/26/2017

Clear on genetic panel, eyes checked and cleared.

Sire: Coronado’s Gideon of Shadow Mt

Dam: Coronado’s Kimber of Silverspur

Clover had a partial blue eye. Clover and Cricket are littermate sisters. Clover is a quiet yet very energetic girl. She is athletic and correct, very biddable and respectful. Both Clover and Cricket are so much alike yet Clover does not have as forceful personality as Cricket. She loves to please and run the property looking for intruders.

SHINY - Coronado’s Sunshine N Whiskey

Born 03/23/2019

Clear on genetic panel, eyes checked and cleared.

Sire: The Talisman of Coronado’s, Tali

Dam: Coronado’s Blissful Attraction, Bliss

Shiny is very unique, she is quite the mixture of a rough and tumble dog. She is a gorgeous girl with that dark copper and beautiful markings. She is pretty high drive, loves to be on the move around here and of course can play all day long with the other dogs. She is bold yet she is gentle and kind with little animals and kids.

POSSUM - Coronado’s Simply Intriguing

Born 07/13/2017

Clear on genetic panel, eyes checked and cleared.

Sire: Coronado’s Blue Eyed Tazer

Dam: Coronado’s Stuck on Ewe, Sticky

Possum is a tiny little girl, she was a premee at birth that I did not think would make it. She also had injuries done to her at 3 weeks of age, severe enough she could not stay in with her littermates. She has the biggest constitution of any dog I have ever seen, she should not be here, but she is, and this little dog with the big bark and the big heart is the kindest, gentlest dog you ever met. Possum is also so darn comical, her antics will keep you chuckling. Possum was the ugliest puppy you ever saw, she really did look like a possum, but she has grown into the prettiest little dog one could ever want.Possum and Rio are half siblings, both silly clowns had the same mother, Sticky a super fun dog.

SURPRISE - Coronado’s Taken by Surprise

Born 09/06/2020

Clear on genetic panel, eyes checked and cleared.

Sire: The Talisman of Coronado, Tali

Dam: Coronado’s Peppita Bonita, Peppy

What a Surprise we had when as I was feeding one evening I heard a puppy cry in an igloo in the barn. I could not see anything in there as it was so dark inside the barn, but sure enough there was this little chocolate drop hiding inside.  I had no idea Peppy was pregnant, of course with only one puppy there was no puppy belly.

We had to do a parentage DNA test and sure nuff she came back to be Tali’s daughter. We fell in love with this little fudge kiss. She is just so awesome, she is dark dark red, with red feet. I love her feet as most all our dogs have white feet, its a pleasant change. She had a hook on her tail when she was born, of course it was docked but I saved the picture.

With Tali getting on in age, 13 yrs this year and Peppy isn’t getting any younger, I could not of asked for a better surprise.

HOOEY - Coronado’s 2 Wraps n a Hooey

Born 03/03/2021

Clear on genetic panel, eyes checked and cleared.

Sire: Boyd Ranch Dally UP 2 Coronados, Dally

Dam: Coronado’s Ruby Doo, Ruby

When this little gal made her appearance, I really wanted to keep her. Funny no one was showing any interest in her for the first 24 hours so I took it as a sign, that I should keep her. Haa haa. Hooey is a character, I love her vibrant personality. Hooey and Possum and Surprise are best of buds, I can’t wait to see where this gal takes us.