CORONADO’S AUSSIES had puppies on:
  • May 21, 2023
  • July 15, 2023
  • October 22, 2023.
Scroll down to see them but read the information above them first that we like to share with buyers.


  • In Doodles litter we have 3 gorgeous pups – Rooster, Chisum, and Katie. Beautiful pups.
  • In Surprise’s litter are The Streak and Fudgey. These have some of the best working lines there are in this breed.
  • In Hooey’s litter are 8 puppies available, bloodlines to satisfy the pickiest trialer or rancher.



This is a new legacy Coronado’s Aussies wants to start, we’ve donated over the years but would like to make every puppy that leaves here, help these worthy causes that are dear to our hearts. 

Our 2022 pups/dogs have gone to many places this year, many to California, Oregon, Illinois, New Mexico, Texas, Czech Republic and of course Arizona. All of them have wonderful loving homes, and we thank you for choosing Coronado’s Aussies to get your new best friends.

If you are emailing me and do not get a timely response (usually a day or two at most) please either try bludogsec@gmail.com or call/text 951-663-2976. Thank you.




Oct. 22, 2023 – Hooey & Rio

We were blessed with this gorgeus litter of 10 puppies from Hooey (Ruby and Dally) and Rio. These puppies have tremendus bloodlines for working stock, running agility, any venue of competition and of course being your best friend and family member.. males: 1 black tri, 1 blue merle and 2 red merles. Females: 1 black tri, 2 red tri’s, and 3 red merles.

This is Hooey and her 10 babies. She is doing great for her first litter.

Rio is the sire- see his pedigree link below previous litters.

1. Black Tri Female

She is adorable and very sweet and personable. Her collar consists of that little white spot about on her withers.

2. Red Merle Girl #1 – SOLD

Red merle girl #1 she is a beautiful little girl. She is Sold.

3. Red Merle Female #2

Red merle girl #2 is a beautiful little girl as well, dark red markings that darken more with age. She LOVES attention.

4. Red Merle Female #3


Red merle girl #3, she has a little extra white but this is an adorable sweet little girl who loves to snuggle.

5. Red Tri Female #1

Red tri female, she is beautiful, a red hot beauty.

6. Red Tri Female #2 – SOLD

Red tri female, Tippy. Tippy is going to the Freeman family in San Diego.

7. Blue Merle Male

Our one and only blue merle boy. He is a hunk. He is of course very sweet and charming. What a beauty.

8. Red Merle Male #1

Red merle boy #1, he is a gorgeous boy. This pup has amazing coloring, and a loving personality.

9. Red Merle Male #2

Red merle #2 is so beautiful, his markings are stunning. I cant wait to see how they grow up.

10. Black Tri Boy

Our only black tri boy. he is a comic and loves attention. such a sweetheart.

July 15th, 2023 – Surprise & Rio

Surprise and Rio gave us these 6 gorgeous babies. 1 red tri male, 1 black bi male, 2 red bi females, 1 black tri female and 1 black bi female.

Rio and Surprise with Peppy in the background {Peppy is Surprise’s mom}

2 Puppies Available: Streak the black bi male and Fudgey the red bi female. These are very sweet and extremely intelligent puppies. They are very small so if you like little Aussies they’ll fit the bill. Athletes? You bet they are and  they’ll do anything thing you ask them to do and do it very well. 

So sweet – black bi boy, The Streak and the red bi female, Jolene.

1. Black Bi Female – SOLD

Above, this black bi girl is stunning. Shiny Coal black with just a little white. Inky Binky is beautiful, sweet, snuggly and very smart. She listens very well and aims to please. Binky will make her new owners very happy. She is sold!

2. Black Tri Female – SOLD

Darling black tri female. Shes so cute. SOLD Moira lives in CA with her new owners who owned her great great, great, great grandmother.

3. Black Bi Male, Streak

Our pretty black bi male, The Streak, is adorable and so snuggly. Streak is fast, smart, and has that “Look at me and I’ll do anything to please you” attitude, just like his sire Rio. Streak has so much potential to do great things.  He is an awesome pup.

4. Red Bi Female, Fudgey

Our little fudgecicle, is the carbon copy of her mama, Fudge is sharp, quick, biddable, and athletic. She will make one heck of a trial dog whether its agility or stock or helping out on a ranch, she has the heart to help. I love these little bi’s.

5. Red Bi Female – SOLD

The sweet little red bi girl with her featherlie blaze, is Jolene. She is just a sweetheart, tough, smart and has tons of potential.. Jolene lives in CA, watch for her next year in agility and herding, she’ll be there with her buddy Coronado’s Shotgun Willie.

5. Red Tri Male – SOLD

The pretty red tri boy, Sawyer has all the white trim and pretty copper to satisfy the pickiest person, He is just adorable. Sawyer lives in Phoenix with his buddy Finn.

May 21, 2023 – Doodles & Rio

Doodles and Rio had 5 beautiful babies.1 Red merle female, 1 black tri female, and 3 black tri males.


Doodles AKA Long Mts Doodles of an Artist and Rio AKA Coronado’s Rio Bravo

Both parents are cleared on genetic panels by parentage. Rio is OFA Good/hips and Normal on Elbows. Both have had eyes CERF’d and cleared.

Doodle’s OFA: too young.

Look at these pedigrees, these dogs have some wonderful bloodlines and proven lines that produce fantastic dispositions and brains, agility and not too mention beauty. With these lines anything is possible! This is going to be a super nice cross for any venue you would choose to compete in and of course with their loving natures, they’ll be best friend you’ll ever have.

Sire Rio Pedigree E217735

Dam Doodles Pedigree


Doodles says, “What was I thinking?” when your a mom, you learn to grab a snack whenever you can.


  1. Rooster, the beautiful blue eyed black tri male, smart, and ready for his own family to love.
  2. Chisum, the busy boy in the litter. He’d make a great ranch dog, agility and just a great addition to the family.
  3. Katie, black tri female. Katie is a character, she is quite the talker always telling me her point of view  on the subjects. She is smart, adorable, and very loving. you could do anything with  this girl.

1. Black Tri Male #2 – Chissum

Black tri male #2 Chisum. He is a fancy boy, should be quite the eye catcher. Chisum is quiite the pup, he is fun and very inquisitive.He also has the potential to work stock, fly thru agility, help on the ranch or just keep you company.

2. Black Tri Male #3 – Rooster


Black tri male #3, Rooster. He is a beautiful boy with only a spot for a collar but symetrical markings everywhere else. This boy is a hunk! so much fun just like his daddy and one blue eye.Rooster is a great little guy waiting for someone to mold him into what they want in a good dog.

3. Black Tri Female – Katie


Black tri female – Katie, is a very fancy little girl with one blue eye.  She is not only just gorgeous, but so outgoing and helpful as you can see in the pics below. Katie has a contagious grin, and biddable personality. She loves to talk which is way better than having a one way conversation. She is so much fun.

Katie is precious.

Puppies first meal at 3 weeks of age. 

If you want more information or pictures on this litter send me a text or call.

Random Puppy Pictures

I love how puppies do different patterns all on their own. The zig zag, the segregation of colors and the wagon wheel of collars when eating their first meal.


Mom says Lunch counter is closed for now.    Clover getting kisses from son, Cooper.

When puppies leave here we never know what paths they will choose to follow. But we love seeing what they love to do. This is Swell, he loves his skateboard.

These are Cricket & Rio’s pups they look like they’re stuck in the rocks.

(they aren’t they just like to be snuggly in them)


1/1/19 Time to circle the chuck wagon, the puppies eating puppy mush. They are great eaters! (Gideon and Marlo’s puppies)


If you are looking for the sweetest, prettiest, and no doubt the smartest puppy you have ever had,  look no further you have found them.

Come and see them, they are very special babies. 

What are you waiting for?

These pups may be a moderate to high drive, with natural instinct for herding and or agility. These puppies can be super performance dogs for competition sports.

PLAIN BLACK DOGS: (or minimal whites as some call them.)

This is Belita. She is a Bliss and Tali daughter who lives in Sweden.

Besides being talented, smart, athletic, and gorgeous, Belita has a wonderful sense of humor.


Belita (full sister to Gideon and Shiny) smiling for the selfie, and Yes, all the puppies come with that silly but endearing smile.

Below  is Trubbies. HOF CH Coronado’s Trubbling Sensation STDsdc.  He is Reckon’s grandsire, Kimber’s great grandsire and uncle to many of our dogs. He too is talented, athletic, smart and gorgeous, and has a wonderful sense of humor, he is also a Hall of Fame champion. Trubbie’s passed away this past year (2019) at 14 yrs of age.

See how stunning these plain black tri puppies grow up to be?

The accomplishments are up to you, the owners, these puppies are clean canvases ready for the brush of the artist to complete the picture.

Trubbles, the coolest of cool dogs. The red dog is Coronado’s Dottie West granddam to our Rio.