December 30, 2023 - 

Clover & Rio

We were blessed with this litter of 5 puppies from Clover and Rio right at the end of the year!

We have 3 stunning red tri males, 1 gorgeous black tri male and then our one and only beautiful black tri female.

These puppies will have the temperament and personalities to please you. Both parents are very smart, obedient, respectful, athletic and loving. Years of specific breeding traits are rounded up in this cross. We want dogs that not only live to please their owners, but are both mentally and physically able to do what is asked of them whether its out in the fields gathering or working livestock, running an agility course, helping around the farm, babysitting the kids, or just protecting what is theirs. This breed is an all around people pleasing breed of dog.

You are welcome to come and visit our dogs, puppies and us of course, here at the ranch in Snowflake. It gives you a chance to see if our dogs are what you are looking for and also gives me the opportunity to see if you are the kind of person we would entrust one of our puppies to, as well. It is very important to me that our puppies/dogs go to the best homes possible.   

Red Tri Male #1

This beautiful red boy is KoTee, (sounds like Cody) but we mainly call him Mr. Wiggle butt cuz he do wiggle that butt! He has the funniest personality and he is a Natural Bob Tail so he has a little nubby that continually wiggles when you talk to him. 

Red Tri Male #2

This boy is Dusty Rodes, he is a beautiful boy with his bright copper markings. Dusty is also a very fun pup and people orientated. He loves attention thats for sure.

Red Merle Male #3

This boy has a full heart on his forehead, which I believe makes him out to be quite the lover!  We'll call this boy Romeo. He is another beautiful puppy with such a great personality. Of course it sounds like I'm saying that about all of them, and I am, They come by it genetically as both or their parents are great dogs with fantastic temperaments and personalities. 

Black Tri Male #1

The only black Tri Male in this litter! He is not only striking but is sold. He now lives in Tehachapi, Calif with Spinner, his distant cousin and his new family, the Couche's. 

Black Tri Female - SOLD

Our only female in this litter! She is that pup, first out of the pool, first to climb out the puppy x-pen, so I'm sure she'll be the agility prospect that her new owner, Wyatt, is looking for. She will be headed to him in Texas very soon.