October 22, 2023 - 

Hooey & Rio

Dam: Hooey

This is Hooey with her 10 babies. This is her first litter, and she is doing great.

We were blessed with this gorgeus litter of 10 puppies from Hooey (Ruby and Dally) and Rio. These puppies have tremendous bloodlines for working stock, running agility, any venue of competition and of course being your best friend and family member.. males: 1 black tri, 1 blue merle and 2 red merles. Females: 1 black tri, 2 red tri’s, and 3 red merles.


1 black tri female
1 red tri female
1black tri male

KIT - Black Tri Female

She is adorable and very sweet and personable. Her collar consists of that little white spot about on her withers. Now called Kit, short for Kit Kat, as she was found climbing trees, is a very smart, self assured pup that likes to try new things and do about anything.

CHANCE - Black Tri Male

Our only black tri boy. Chance is a comic and loves attention. Chance is such a sweetheart, he is fun and listens very well.  Chance will sure make someone a wonderful pup that can do anything.

SCARLETTE - Red Tri Female #2

Scarlette, is beautiful, witty, and loves to snuggle and love. She will make a wonderful family member who can do anything you ask of her.

SUMMER - Red Merle Female #2 

Red merle girl #2, Summer is a beautiful little girl as well, dark red markings that will darken more with age. She LOVES attention, is very smart, and really loves to explore. Summer is sold and lives in Yuma. 

Red Merle Male #1 - SOLD

Red merle boy #1, he is a gorgeous boy. This pup has amazing coloring, and a loving personality. This lucky pup sold to Nelson and Sarah of Albuquerque, NM. 

Blue Merle Male - SOLD

Our one and only blue merle boy. He is a hunk. He is of course very sweet and charming. What a beauty.

Red Merle Female #1 - SOLD

Red Tri Female #2 - SOLD

Red tri female, Tipsy. Tipsy is going to the Freeman family in San Diego.

Red Merle Male #2 - SOLD

Red merle #2 is so beautiful, his markings are stunning. I cant wait to see how they grow up. He is sold to the Arana family in Glendale, AZ.

Red Merle Female #3 - SOLD

Red merle girl #3, she has a little extra white but this is an adorable sweet little girl who loves to snuggle. She is going to the Barkhimer family in San Diego.