July 15, 2023 - 

Surprise & Rio

Surprise and Rio gave us these 6 gorgeous babies. 1 red tri male, 1 black bi male, 2 red bi females, 1 black tri female and 1 black bi female.

2 Puppies Available

Streak the black bi male and Fudgey the red bi female. These are very sweet and extremely intelligent puppies. They are on the  small side, so if you like smaller Aussies they’ll fit the bill. Athletes? You bet they are and they’ll do anything thing you ask them to do and do it very well. 

Black Bi Male - Streak

Our pretty black bi male, The Streak, is adorable and so snuggly. Streak is fast, smart, and has that “Look at me and I’ll do anything to please you” attitude, just like his sire Rio. Streak has so much potential to do great things.  He is an awesome pup.

Red Bi Female - Fudgey

Our little fudgecicle, is the carbon copy of her mama, Fudge is sharp, quick, biddable, and athletic. She will make one heck of a trial dog whether its agility or stock or helping out on a ranch, she has the heart to help. I love these little bi’s.

Red Bi Female – SOLD

The sweet little red bi girl with her featherlie blaze, is Jolene. She is just a sweetheart, tough, smart and has tons of potential.. Jolene lives in CA, watch for her next year in agility and herding, she’ll be there with her buddy Coronado’s Shotgun Willie.

Red Tri Male - SOLD

The pretty red tri boy, Sawyer has all the white trim and pretty copper to satisfy the pickiest person, He is just adorable. Sawyer lives in Phoenix with his buddy Finn.

Black Bi Female - SOLD

This black bi girl is stunning. Shiny Coal black with just a little white. Inky Binky is beautiful, sweet, snuggly and very smart. She listens very well and aims to please. Binky will make her new owners very happy. She is sold!

Black Tri Female - SOLD

Darling black tri female. Shes so cute. SOLD Moira lives in CA with her new owners who owned her great great, great, great grandmother.